Hi, I’m Ronald Simons. Next to being a movie poster enthusiast and collector, I work as a film programmer at Eye film museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I annually visit film festivals all over the world, write about movies as the editor-in-chief of e-magazine The Cult Corner and as a freelance film critic. 

My favorite movies include Titane (2021), The Handmaiden (2016), Black Swan (2010), Funny Games (1997), The Thing (1982), Suspiria (1977), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and A Clockwork Orange (1971).

All posters on Movie Poster Madness are original movie theatre posters unless clearly marked otherwise, such as video store posters. That means they were designed and manufactured for the promotion of movies in film theatres, where they were pinned to the walls. Until the mid eighties posters were even typically sent folded to movie theatres. It were in fact more objects of use than the works of art as we tend to treat them nowadays. 

So you’ll find most of my posters therefore with folds, pinholes, light wear and sometimes even tape on them. Luckily, some were secured before being send off to movie theatres, so occasionally I offer posters in mint or near mint condition. See the condition guide for more information on the terms I use to describe the condition of my posters.